Bulgarian Feta Cheese

Bulgarian Feta Cheese is a classical style white brined cheese. Containing quality attributes such as a creamy taste, crumbly texture and salty flavour, Bulgarian Feta is a quality cheese suitable for all cold or hot recipes requiring feta cheese.  

Gaganis Bulgarian feta Cheeses

As a result of years of research and development, we have now settled on a quality of Bulgarian Feta that we are proud to pack and brand under our very own Gaganis label. Working closely with our Bulgarian suppliers, the cheese is exceptional in quality, ensuring a more consistent taste and texture. We value the commitment to quality that our Bulgarian manufacturers have shown to the products and through our partnership together, we bring you quality feta.

Traditional in its taste, the feta can have a creamy and yet mature taste. Gaganis Bros imports quality Bulgarian Feta Cheese from sheep milk, cows milk and goats milk. We are also now the inaugural proud importers of Bulgarian feta cheese made from Buffalo milk.

Packaging and Labelling

Our Bulgarian Feta is packed in brine and comes in 14kg tins, 1.8kg buckets, 1kg, 500g and 200g tubs.

Our attractive colour coded labelling system ensures you will know what type of milk has been used in our feta. There has been a common misunderstanding as to what milk is used to produce Bulgarian Feta. With customers simply asking for "Bulgarian Feta" over the years, the customers have not had the benefit of being able to select the milk type used for the product. Accordingly, our colour code system ensure there is no confusion and that you therefore get what you pay for.