Danish Cheeses

Danish cheeses are some of the best in the world. Denmark is renowned for producing quality dairy products, utilising state of the art technology for manufacturing. Some of the finer Danish cheeses include the Danish 'White' Feta, Danish Himmerland (Blue) and Danish Kefalograviera.

Danish Feta (White)

Also known as Danish White, this type of feta is a smooth and creamy variation of the more traditional feta cheeses. The cheese is popular amongst restaurants for its ability to be cubed and sliced without crumbling, and tossed into salads.

Danish feta has a very different taste to traditional feta cheese. Its milder taste profile makes it popular as an ingredient in baking. 

Danish Feta is made in Denmark from Cow's milk and in bulk, is packed in 14kg tins. The product is available from our Warehouse service deli by the kilo or at any number of retailers that stock our Danish feta.

Danish Himmerland (Danablu or Danish Blue)

Danish Himmerland is a beautifully prepared blue cheese using a recipe originating in the Himmerland region of Denmark. Also known as "Danablu", the taste and aroma are typical of blue cheeses with added soft textures. The cheese can be used in recipes to make tasty blue cheese sauces, crumbled over salads, or served after dinner with wine and dried fruit (recommend serving with Australian Pecan Nuts and Greek Dried Figs). Made from Cow's milk, Danish Blue is packed in 3kg wheels or 250g pre-packed wedges.

Additional Danish Cheeses  

Other Danish Cheeses we sell include:

  • Danish Kefalograviera
  • Danish Kefalotiri
  • Danish Havarti

Visit our Warehouse for a full view of our Danish Cheeses. Cheeses can be sampled on request and are able to be purchased from our Wholesale Service Deli.