Food Manufacturers & Equipment

We recognise the need to provide a carefully selected range of products for manufacturers. Most of our products that are sold in retail style packs are available in bulk for manufacturers. Accordingly, bulk buy prices exist for larger volume purchases. For example, we sell Ord River Australian Chick Peas in both a 1kg pack as well as a 25kg sack. Our range extends beyond food to equipment. Equipment sold by us includes wine making equipment, tomato and pasta machines, cooking pots, preserving jars and wine bottles.

 Our broad range of bulk buy products include:

  • dry beans, lentils and peas
  • bulk cheese, including Fetta, Cheddar, Neufchatel and Mozzarella
  • olives
  • flour and grains
  • spices and herbs
  • pizza and tomato pastes and sauces
  • sugar
  • salt
  • bulk pastry
  • ingredient products such as milk powder, MSG, citric acid, glucose and bicarbonate

Manufacturers are able to visit our Warehouse and personally evaluate equipment required for baking, mixing and processing. Our equipment and range includes:

  • tomato sauce machines
  • pasta making machines
  • mincers
  • grinders
  • slicers
  • wine press equipment
  • wine crushing equipment
  • vats
  • glass demijohns
  • wine bottles
  • flagons
  • glass and plastic jars
  • corks and corkers
  • ornamental bottles
  • knives
  • barrels