Nuts & Seeds

Our selection of nuts and seeds are sourced from the highest quality grade. We are confident in being able to offer consistent quality nuts and seeds at very real prices. Our selection includes nutritious raw nuts and seeds to tasty roasted and salted varieties. Each product is available in its bulk packaging (usually 10kg, 12.5kg, 20kg or 25kg) and smaller packages such as 1kg and 500g (packed under our Gaganis Selected Quality label).



Our in-shell Walnuts are unbleached "Oregon" varieties. The kernels inside the shells have a clean crisp taste and usually stay in one piece after cracking. We stock Oregon in-shells all year round ensuring our customers have a consistent supply of quality walnuts. 

We also hold premium quality Walnut kernels. Our kernels are Californian in origin and are always graded "Light" in colour, reflecting a superior colour grade. We hold stock of these walnut kernels all year round and they are available in bulk packaging as well as 1kg and 500g packages.


We stock only Australian grown quality Almonds. We source premium grade Non Pareil varieties of decent size (usually 23/25 count). Our Almonds are fresh, and have a clean crisp taste. We complete our raw Almond product range with blanched whole Almonds, blanched sliced, slivered, diced and meal. Natural Almond meal is also available. We have roasted and roasted/salted Almonds available which are perfect snack-foods all year round.

Brazil Nuts

Considered a very healthy nut, we stock raw Medium size Brazil Nuts throughout the year. Our Brazil Nuts are crunchy and crisp and usually originate from Brazil. The "Medium" size Brazil Nut is a good size nut measuring approximately 3 - 4 cm in length. 

Other Nuts

Our full range of nuts also includes:

  • Peanuts (blanched and red skins)
  • Macadamias
  • Pistachios
  • Hazelnuts
  • Cashews
  • Pecans
  • Pinenuts

Selected nuts in our range are available raw, roasted and "in-shell".


Recognised as an important part of a balanced diet, seeds such as Sunflower Kernels, Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds) and Sesame Seeds are readily available in either bulk packages or pre-packed in smaller retail sizes. We are also leading wholesalers in poppy seed, popping corn, linseed and millet seed.