Olive Oils

Our premium olive oil range is sourced from Spain, Greece and Turkey. Our Greek premium olive oils are cold pressed from olives grown in Kalamata, Mytiline and Crete.

Gaganis Olive Oil

Gaganis Olive Oil

We have sourced a fresh tasting cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil from the Mediterranean and are proud to brand it under our very own name.

Gaganis Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains fruity flavours and is suitable for salads, dipping and cooking.  The product is available in 4 ltr tins.

Greek Olive Oil

We are proud to exclusively import the following branded Greek olive oils into Australia:

  • Calamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Kalamata)
  • Irina Virgin Olive Oil (Mytiline)
  • Nissa Pure Olive Oil (Mytiline)

You will enjoy these full flavoured fine olive oils in your food as they represent quality tasting oils from traditional olive growing regions of Greece. We sell these oils in 4 ltr tins and the Irina Olive Oil is available in Extra Virgin quality in 500ml and 1ltr glass bottles.

You will also find in our stocks, carefully selected olive oil from Crete. 

Spanish Olive Oil

La Pedrizza Olive Oil is considered the finest of Spain. With distinct fruity flavours, you will find this Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil to be extremely subtle as it enhances rather than dominates the flavours of foods.

Try La Pedrizza Spanish Olive Oil over vine ripened Roma Tomatoes with a sprinkle of Greek Mountain Oregano and experience the amazing mix of Mediterranean flavours.