We sell fine quality olives imported from Greece and Spain. We also support local growers and stock quality Australian grown produce.

greek kalamata olives

Greek Kalamata Olives

We import genuine Kalamata Olives grown in Kalamata, Greece. These are "true" Kalamata olives and are processed in accordance with traditional techniques and recipes.

Our authentic Kalamata olives are quality and size graded. Some of the sizes we stock include Super Colossal, Large and Mediums. We have also sourced quality graded Kalamata olives that are pitted as well as sliced. You can now confidently throw over your pizza quality and tasty olives without the worry of pits.

Greek Green and Black Olives

Greek Green and Black Olives

Other traditional style Greek olives we import include Green "Nafplion" style olives and Black "Volou" style olives. These olives are made from Greek homeland style recipes and reflect the areas from which the olives are grown. Green Greek Olives we sell also include whole pitted and cracked varieties.

Another important olive from Greece that we source is the Greek dried "Thassos" style olive. Greek dried olives are some of the tastiest olives. There are unique characteristics associated with Greek dried olives. Try sprinkling Greek Mountain Oregano over the olives and then pour fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil to reveal a perfect mezze served with fresh oven baked crusty bread.

Spanish Olives

Spanish Olives

Spain produces some exciting style olives. For example, green olives stuffed with salmon, tuna or peppers. We stock a full range of Spanish olives from black to green, to pitted to stuffed and of course sliced green and black.

Australian Olives

The quality of Australian olives grown and processed is impressive. At Gaganis Bros, we source quality graded Australian grown Kalamata style olives. South Australia has a Mediterranean climate very similar to the Greek olive growing regions. Our climate accordingly, is very suitable for growing olives. Some of the best olives grown in SA are north of Adelaide, around Port Wakefield where soils are healthy and not clay affected, and the presence of lime stone is in abundance.

Marinated Olives

We have developed a secret marinade recipe that enhances the flavour of our olives rather than dominating it. We marinade green, black, Kalamata, Spanish and Australian olives and these products are available in conveniently packed tamper proof tubs.