Cheeses of the World

We sell a broad range of additional imported cheeses, representing well known quality brands and cheese making regions of the world. The nations of our cheese collection include Greece, Italy, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Australia and New Zealand.

Come and taste our cheeses

In addition to Greek Feta, Bulgarian Feta and Danish Cheeses, our diverse range of quality global cheeses include:

  • Greek Dry Ricotta (Mizithra)
  • Greek Kasseri
  • Greek Kefalograviera
  • Bulgarian Kaskaval
  • Tilset
  • Maasdam
  • Dutch Goat's Cheese
  • Spanish Manchego
  • Australia Mild and Vintage Cheddar
  • Australian Gruyer
  • Australian Raclette
  • Havarti
  • Danish Blue
  • Dutch Edam
  • Dutch Gooda
  • Dutch Spiced Gouda
  • Italian Provolone
  • Italian Grana Parmesan
  • Jarlsberg
  • Smoked Cheese

These and other cheeses can be sampled and purchased from our Warehouse Service Deli per kilo or in bulk. Alternatively, contact us and we can let you know of our nearest trade customer to you. Our Warehouse Service Deli is open daily (except Sundays) and showcases all of our cheeses and other deli items including olives, smallgoods, salted fish, yoghurt and antipasto ingredients.