Restaurants & Caterers

Restaurants and caterers will find high quality ingredients for their operations. Our bulk packed items ensure that restaurants and caterers are able to conveniently purchase and store goods. Some of our products used as key ingredients and aids for restaurants and caterers include:

  • sheep, goat's or cow's feta cheeses;
  • other quality cheeses including haloumi, kefalograviera, kefalotiri, ricotta, neufchatel and blue;
  • olives, including genuine Kalamata olives;
  • gourmet loukanika (sausages);
  • flour (including Gaganis Special White Flour);
  • fillo pastry;
  • vine leaves;
  • spices (including Nostimini and genuine Mountain Greek Oregano);
  • yoghurt;
  • dips (including Tarama and Tzatziki);
  • oils and vinegars;
  • antipasto ingredients such as artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, peppers and odourless garlic);
  • tableware and cookware;
  • charcoal for BBQ and spit roasts; and
  • plasticware.

Restaurants and caterers have the added advantage of being able to sample deli lines such as cheeses, olives and loukanika before they purchase. Chefs take advantage of this unique service and are regularly seen tasting the olives that will accompany the delicious salads they will create for an evening.