Retail & Deli Products

Enjoy our quality products packed in convenient retail size packs for your supermarket or continental store. Alternatively buy bulk products for repacking yourself or to sell over your Deli counter.

Our Retail and Deli Products

We supply supermarkets, continental stores and market shops throughout Australia. Our products are represented in every State and Territory in Australia. The range of our products includes conveniently packaged retail size packs for sale on a shelf, or bulk buy products for further packing or for sale loose "by the kilo".

Our range of products that are popular amongst retailers and delis include:

  • Greek Feta Cheese: available in large tins/buckets (feta), whole loafs and prepacked tubs (200g, 500g and 1kg;
  • Yoghurt: available in 500g retail packs to larger 4kg pails;
  • Flour and Baking: available from 1kg packs to bulk 10kg and 25kg sacks;
  • Greek Mountain Oregano: in convenient retail size packages;
  • Spices: from 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, through to bulk 10kg - 25kg packaging;
  • Olivesfrom retail size tins and jars to 12kg barrels for use in delis;
  • Gaganis Dips: from 250g and 500g retail size packs to bulk 2.2kg pails for deli use;
  • Antipasto: artichokes, roasted peppers, marinated mushrooms, olives, pickles, eggplants - choose from small tins for your shelf to larger packages to assemble your own tray of antipasto ingredients over the counter display;
  • Olive Oils: a full range from Mediterranean countries packaged in 500ml to 4ltr containers;
  • Beans: dry beans are packaged in 1kg bags and are available in bulk 25kg sacks;
  • Gaganis Garlicavailable in "on the shelf" package sizes of 200g, 350g, 500g and 750g jars. Can be supplied in bulk on request;
  • Nostiminipackaged in Shaker canisters with refill packs to supplement the range;
  • Coffee: our flagship Greek and Turkish Style Coffees are available in quality foil packs - popular sizes are 500g packs;
  • Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits: available in our packaged sizes of 500g and 1kg. Greek and Turkish Figs are available in "mini trays" for on shelf/display convenience;
  • Tomato Products: from 400g tinned tomatoes (whole peeled and chopped) to small and medium sized jars and vacuum packs of dried and semi dried tomatoes;
  • Gaganis BBQ Charcoal: standard 20kg sacks - an excellent bulk buy product to supplement your store range;
  • More Products: So many more exclusive Gaganis products are available including Pasta Zara authentic Italian pasta, traditional Greek Pasta (Abez),SMAK branded traditional Polish and Eastern European products (gherkins and cucumbers, sauerkraut, mushrooms, mustards, pickles onions and celery), stuffed vine leaves (dolmathes), vine leaves, vinegars, religious items, traditional Mediterranean foods including sweet breads (Tsoureki),biscuits, egg noodles and trahana, just to name a few.

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