With over 4000 years of history, yoghurt has evolved into a rich and culturally significant food. Our Gaganis Sheep's Milk Yoghurt captures the true essence of yoghurt, a natural, thick and creamy food, cultured in the pot.  

Gaganis Sheep Milk Yoghurt

Gaganis Sheep Milk Yoghurt is based on a traditional Mediterranean recipe produced using quality Kangaroo Island sheep milk. The product is cultured in the "pot" resulting in a naturally thick and creamy texture. The yoghurt's full flavour and taste reflects the clean and pristine conditions of Kangaroo Island and the modern use of technology used to perfect an ageless recipe.

Sheep Milk Yoghurt is rich in nutrients. The yoghurt contains beneficial bacterial cultures that are known to promote a healthy digestive system. Available in a 500g tub or a 4kg plastic pail, Gaganis Sheep Milk Yoghurt is available at most leading supermarkets, continental stores and independent grocers, as well as our Warehouse.

Other Yoghurts

We stock quality cow's milk yoghurts including European Style and Greek Style varieties in 1kg tubs. Larger bulk packaged yoghurt is available on demand.